Impressum | AGB |
I have walked many paths - spiritually ... academically ... emotionally. Gathered a lot of jewels, pebbles and rocks along the road(s), across the seas and mountains. Left some of them behind, still carrying and caressing others.

My greatest jewel was given to me straight from the Muses' realms, these wyrd lands, where the Ancient Ones are singing Their songs and are whispering in timeless tongues.

This shining jewel is called inspiration and it is oddly paired with a nasty stubbornness which forces me to listen to the inputs provided and to find sneaky ways to transform and manifest them. 


Yes, I am far from perfect but I am working hard on constantly improving and updating the technical aspects as inspiration alone without a solid foundation is a rather unsteady, homeless thing which needs to be anchored.

I truly die for drawing pictures and story-lines with either words and/or sounds.

I definitely cannot live without it.



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