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Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl meiner Audios, Essays (Fragmentaries/Glossaries), Lyrik (Lyricals) und Kurzprosa.
Here you find a wild selection of my musical compositions (audios), essays (fragmentaries/glossaries), poems (lyricals) and some short prose.
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AeVa (Ode to Eternity): Vocals, Bodhran, Tenor and Modern Concert Flutes ...

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Each and every moment is a gateway to Eternity ... therefore our presence is a present ... can turn from gift (in German meaning "poison") into a true gift (in English meaning "present"/Geschenk in German) ... 


With this composition Diva and I welcome a new familiy-member, a really old and now very happy wooden tenor-flute, which yesterday found its way to me by somebody who had it waiting and dreaming in their basement ... thanks and blessed be :))


Once again recorded with my Live-Equipment ... slightly different ... bit rougher ... sound ...


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Please note and respect: Vocals, Lyrics, Tenor-C-Flute, Querflöte, Bodhran, Arrangement/Composition © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2018




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