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"Finals almost done ...

Just one more

Live-thing to run

My ears ache

Need a break

Hope all the strain

Mixing fixing

Master disaster

Was not in vain 

(But anyhow

Have to admit

Beyond the pain

Still had some fun) ... "

(AnU, 13th of September 2019, the day after)


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EBM/Industrial-Remix: Will you ... Vocals/Synth/Drums ...

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This is - in terms of vocals/chorus - the predecessor version of "Will you follow" ... I transposed the key and turned it into an EBM-industrial remix with some Dub-elements, Synth-arrangements only (without E-Guitar) ... 


Like always: Mixed for ear-/headphones ....


⇒ Audio


Please note and respect: Vocals, Lyrics, Synth-/MIDI-Composition/Arrangement/Mix/Audio-engineering © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2019

Produced and mixed in Logic X 4.5, recorded with support of NI Guitar Rig 5.



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