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Hey all,
currently the whole world is more or less struggeling within this acute crisis named corona. It's a great challenge to not loose track of one's own path. It's a great challenge to maintain some sort of balance between being aware of what happens around you and at the same time continueing to focus on what you're here for ... in this life ... within this weird web of wyrd. It's a great challenge to let this crisis infuse whatever you're doing, inspire and enrich it, in its own wyrd way.
Therefore besides everyday survival drama I am now focussing on writing my script for the fantasy-series I have started on Iceland. Want to get it into a form/structure so that I can send it to appropiate agents for Netflix/Amazon ... And there is this dystopian Sci-Fi-drama-project which so perfectly matches with what is happening right now which persistently grabs at my attention ... There are simply too many ideas buzzing in my brain and heart. Prioritization ... condensing, restructuring and working on "audience-oriented" plots is what I need to manifest now.
At the same time, music-compositions continue ... they have to ... as without composing music I definitely cannot survive all this ;))
I wish I had some #Grundeinkommen or crowd-funding-stuff running for the upcoming year which takes the pressure of shifting day-jobs from my shoulders and enables me to dedicate my heart, wits and energy wholly on manifesting the Muses' inputs  ... 
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Stay tuned and healthy!  AnU, 26th March 2020.



Epic Audio: Return to the Fairy King ... Synthi, Vocals, some rattles ...

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Livicated to the Blackberry King - blessed be!


Synthi, Vocals, Rattles, Lyrics, Komposition © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2017

Mit tatkräftiger Unterstützung der gefiederten Freunde ... per Kopfhörer hört "man" sie hier und da mitzwitschern :)




Du bist irgendwo auf dem Weg zu dir selbst gestrandet und wünschst dir eine fundierte, schnörkellose, einfühlsame Weg-Weisung, auch oder insbesondere in Bezug auf spirituelle Gefilde ... Wiederanbindungen ... Klärungen?

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Für alle, die sich im geschützten Rahmen einer Gruppe auf den Weg zu sich selbst, zu "sauberen" Beziehungen und zu einer stimmigen Spiritualität begeben wollen ...: 

Der nächste Start von

„Leben=Beziehung: Menschen-Menschen, Ideen-Menschen und Raum-Menschen 1-3“

im September 2017!

Anmeldung/Buchung ab sofort:


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