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herzlich willkommen in meinem Blog! Welcome to my blog!
Die Vorarbeiten für die EP-Produktion haben begonnen ... ich bin dabei einen Katalog für potentielle Distributors/Plattenlabels zu erstellen. Daher sind einige meiner Songs aus dem Blog "verschwunden". Falls ihr eure Favorites nicht mehr findet: Don't worry, be happy ... denn diese gibt es vielleicht bald in "neuem (professionellerem) Gewand" auf EP im März 2020 ... Falls ihr einen Song findet/hört und euch fragt, "wieso hat sie den nicht in die Auswahl mit reingenommen" ... just eMail me :). Danke für eure Mithilfe!
Bitte unterstütze meine Kompositionen/Musikproduktionen und mein Schreiben mit deiner Spende/Kooperationen/Sponsoring ... 


Preparations for my EP-production have begun. I am in the midst of compilating a catalogue of old (and new) songs for potential distributors/record labels. Therefore you might not find your favorite in this Blog anylonger, because I have picked it for the pre-selection: Don't worry, be happy, because it might reappear in a new (and more professional) disguise on my EP in March 2020. In case you spot a song and wonder, why I havn't chosen it for my pre-selection, feel free to eMail me. Thank you.

Please support my composing/music-production and writing  with your donation/cooperation/sponsorship:

Vielen Dank! Thank you!

Experimental: Frozen Flowers (Ehwaz) ... Tribal/Throat/"ordinary" Vocals/Synth/Concert Flute/Drums ...

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Had to switch to another composition although live-presentation of final-composition is still ahead (26th of Sept) ... as I spend a lot of my time in trains I have incorporated some self-recorded "railway-sounds", spiced up with deer-drum ... and some other freaky-sick stuff including my (effected) various sorts of vocals (and yes, Diva wanted to partake as well) ... groove along ...


Once again mixed for ear-/headphones ...


Revised Mix  ... more accurate now ... :). New Vocals 2nd verse.

Hm ... I start to love the art of mixing/mastering ... (although it drives me mad).


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Please note and respect: All Vocals, Modern Concert Flute, Deerdrum, Synth-/MIDI-arrangement, composition, mix © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2019. Recorded and mixed in Logic Pro X 4.5 with support of NI Massive, Guitar Rig MPX 5 and Komplete Kontrol.


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