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herzlich willkommen in meinem Blog! Welcome to my blog!
Hey out there, what an awesome Imbolc:
My album has gone live!!!

I have just found it and listened to it on Apple Music/iTunes and Spotify.

All in all I am at peace and happy with the results and the release has been processed so quickly and smoothly, thanks to DistroKid.


Now it's up to you guys, stream me ... You'll find my album on ...:
iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon ... 
Click here to find all the links together, including some previews ... once again thanks to my distributor :).

Blessed be, AnU Skyrún, Imbolc, February 2020.



Experimental: Technoid Mellotron-Organ Symphony (2) ... MelloBello/Organ/Drums ...

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My BD is coming up ... to serve my composer-ego and creativity I coaxed myself into another diet to get myself a prof. MIDI-controller as a present. What a difference ... not easy to handle, as all those potis, faders and keys are really sensitive and responsive ... feels like tuming from VW Beetle to some Red Bull racing car ...

So here comes my new mellotronic composition, this time accompanied by a bellarophon and once again joined by an angry organ and lots of drums ... 

"Basically" written in phrygian mode ... ear-/headphones recommended ... 


Revised "subjective-50-degrees C/122 F-in-my-studio-remix" .... 


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Please note and respect: Synth, MIDI-Arrangement, composition, mix/audio-engineering © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2019


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