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Hier findet ihr Beispiele meiner Audioproduktionen und Verwortungen, garniert mit meiner Fotografie. Ich komponiere und schreibe über das, was mich bewegt, was mich anspringt. Sei es in meinen nächtlichen Träumen oder im Alltag. Die Themen und Formate variieren, je nachdem wie und was die Musen flüstern. Am liebsten flüstern sie im Morgengrauen ... so sitze ich oft lange vor dem Frühstück am PC/im Heimstudio und versuche das Kostbare und Flüchtige in Noten und Buchstaben im Hier und Jetzt festzuhalten ... zu dokumentieren ... bevor es sich dem (mehrheitlich) rationalen Tagesbewusstsein entzieht. 


In my blog you find some of my old and recent audio-productions, pieces of my poetry, black-humorous glossaries, essays and nerdy thoughts on topics talking to me in my dreams and during daytime, as well as some of my comments on current themes of this and other world(s) ... 


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Foto: © Ann-Uta Beißwenger, 11th of January 2021.


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Fling my Song (Perthro) ... Drums/Synth/Modern Concert Flute/Rattles & lots of Vocals ...

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The borders between the Worlds are still fuzzy. Not only humans but also all sorts of (other) creatures and things try to cross over to alien territories ... 

This song tells about a spirit who is "holding the wolf by its ears" .... it wants to communicate with someone of another realm, who is not able to see neither hear the spirit worlds. Therefore it is launching all sorts of attempts to succeed, but cannot get through. The struggle and grief continues until it realizes, every creature is exposed and to some extent bound to its Wyrd. Although certain changes and "adjustments" can be made and achieved, there are limitations. One cannot force fate being able to travel into other realms and kingdoms unless one has the gift provided by the Timeless Ones ... 


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Please note and respect: composition, lyrics, synths, modern concert flute, all vocals, rattles, arrangement/mix/master © Ann-Uta Beißwenger, 23rd of December 2020 ... all rights reserved.



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