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herzlich willkommen in meinem Blog! Welcome to my blog!

Like I have told you guys, I had to undergo another upper spine-surgery on Friday 3rd of July after my stupid fall the week before. 

I knew this would be much more challenging than the 1st surgery had been ... . Both implants had to be taken out and be substituted by metal cages, plates and bone-substitutes. My vertebral body had to be restored as well.


Update 6th of August 2020:

I still have problems talking/singing/swallowing/breathing ... will need another check-up on this next week. It definitely sucks!

To cope with all this and distract myself from the current shit-uation in a creative way, I work on my new album "Sounds from Somewhere" which I hope to complete before I have to go to Rehab. Therefore I am in the process of rearranging and remixing some of the latest compositions.

Like in the course of producing my last album ...:

You might not find some of my compositions in this blog anylonger ... Sorry for this, but don't worry ... be happy! I have chosen them to refresh/rearrange/remaster for the upcoming album!

So far, I am really excited ... just have completed a new version of the former "Antares-Soundscape" and it really rocks! Promised!

There will be some completely new stuff as well. Today I have finished the master of my new, nerdy composition  "The Dying of Water" (= working title) with my own real water-recordings, Vocoder/Synths, (real) Kalimba/Sansula and lyrics in Kiswahili, the latter being another of my favourite languages ... 


It would be great, if you guys could support my compositions and survival with a donation!

More than ever I do not know how to pay my upcoming bills, as due to Corona and my spine-surgeries I was/am not able to perform live-music, -poetry and -rituals nor give readings ... but I do have a lot of additional medical bills to deal with. Therefore I'd be grateful if you could support my album-production and survival! 

Please send your donation via or via the button below:


Thank you!


Photo © Ann-Uta Beißwenger, 4th of August 2020


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Foto-Impressionen Frühling & Skurriles Teil 2: Blauer See, Künstler-Nekropole & Lebensbauminsel ...

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Am Ufer des Blauen Sees - alte Blätter treffen auf neue Blätter - darunter im Wasser tausende von Kaulquappen, die sich bereits auf ihr Froschleben freuen ...



"Behausung" und Grabkunstwerk des Künstlers Fritz Schwegler (geb. 07.05.1935 - gest. 03.06.2014) "EN 6355"



"Momentum" (2001), das (zukünftige) Grabmal des Künstlers Karl Oskar Blase - auf einer Bank vor dem Kunstwerk ist eingraviert "Das Auge ist das Herz des Künstlers". Foto daneben: Kein Wunder, dass es an einem so "speziellen Ort" auch sehr "spezielle Baum-Wuchsformen" gibt ... 



Sinfonie aus (hauptsächlich) Buchengrün, Sonne und weißer Blütenpracht ...



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Ein mächtiger, so genannter (fast) "Tot-Baum" - be-völker-t von Leben aus sämtlichen Natur-Reichen ...


Fotos (c) Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2016 - Orte: Region Habichtswald Bad Wilhelmshöhe, Blauer See & Künstler-Nekropole

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