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"Jede Note

Ein Bote

Der Stille

Die jedem 

Ton innewohnt


Jede Note

In ihrem


Die Schönheit

Der Schöpfung



© Ann-Uta Beißwenger, 22. Mai 2020.


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Hope is a heavy Door to open ... Piano/MelloCello/Synths ...

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This time needs hope ... hope to get through all this ... hope to trust in what comes next ... hope that some fundamental change may take place after all ... This composition is one of my "dramatic instrumental" creations ... keys only ... may it open up the door for you ... 


Had it in my mind since some time ... wanted to bring together my dear "keyed Ones", that is crazy synth, mellotron and ... basic, natural piano ... so here "they" come, happily presenting their joined sound venture ... 

Revised mix and master, 13th of April: improved dynamics ... sound better defined ... 


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Please note and respect: Composition, all instruments, arrangement/mix/audio-engineering/-production © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 11th of April 2020


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