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these days I receive many eMails asking for my spiritual take and perspective on the current situation.


There are a lot of people out there, spreading their more or less weird ideas on why and how this worldwide crisis came about ... we read about "God's revenge" and demons and stuff ... 


Although I am "into" spiritual things and although I definitely do adore crazy and spooky ideas (ahem) I cannot sign up to this.

What I can see and feel though, is nothing extraordinary "*wow-thing-like":

What happens and is about to happen is rooted in an universal dysbalance, caused mainly by humans, and therefore by everyone of us. What is happening and is about to happen, started about 200 years ago, not just yesterday. And no, I am not proposing a backward oriented life without industries and modern life achievements. I am a technology-nerd, so what ... 


Anyhow at this point I am not sure, whether we can "repair" and reestablish some sort of new balance. I cannot feel nor see this "solidarity-hype" which is reported everywhere and colorfully staged by media to counteract the tristesse of what is happening. Everybody is thinking of him-/herself first ... and inside his/her tiny, cosy box ... stuffed with holy toilet paper ... . 


Maybe this depends on where one lives and how deeply the given area and its inhabitants are affected by the crisis. I can imagine that people in northern Italy or in New York are experiencing different vibes, probably quite contradicting ones (in terms of supportive community-activities opposed to professional health-realities).


What I feel strongly is the heavi- and dreariness of all those lonesome deaths in Italy, Spain, Iran and New York etc. All those people, who have - mostly - lived a long life and have contributed a lot to their families and communities ... they just fade away, in a sterile, clinical anonymity and agony. This really affects me and I daily offer my prayers to these souls.

Yes, and by doing so, I probably also pray to find some relief from this heaviness and dreariness within myself as I try to go through all this - spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially ... 


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Stay tuned and healthy!  AnU, 2nd of April 2020.



Nordic Experimental/Neo Bardic Style: LokeAtru ... Tribal Vocals/Lyre/Synth ...

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A new experiment: My lyre complained, feeling somewhat deserted ... I thought of combining lyre and synth ... and vocals ... and then ... as usual ... I played around and came across a wyrd thing: If I record (analogue) plucked (!) lyre  and use a synth and mix to reverse the sound ... surprise, surprise ... it sounds like something between violine and cello played with a bow ... a bit wyrder though ... check it out ... 


Ear-/Headphones recommended. 


This is a long one ... sort of Neo-Bardic-style with its own "dramaturgy", didn't want to spoil it by cutting it short ... it's livicated to Loki ... giving "voice & sound" to his being bound in the Niflheim-cave, freeing himself and heading for Naglfar ...  "His BD" 's drawing near .... hey, hey ...


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Please note and respect: All Vocals, Lyre, Synth, Composition, Mix/Arrangement/Audioengineering © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2019


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