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"Jede Note

Ein Bote

Der Stille

Die jedem 

Ton innewohnt


Jede Note

In ihrem


Die Schönheit

Der Schöpfung



© Ann-Uta Beißwenger, 22. Mai 2020.


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Northern Experimental: The Quest continues ... (Eihwaz)...

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Another daring sound-experiment: Tribal vocals and cello meet crunchy guitar free-style elements ... 


Revised and remastered 4th of May: More precise panning, better balanced, better defined space an' place for instruments and vocals ... enjoy!


Time to nourish the spiritual side, within without ... Anything that happens in a given moment, is a reflection and part of something that has been born before ... The quest, the path, does know a beginning, but it never ends ... 


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Please note and respect: composition, lyrics, all instruments & vocals, arrangement/mix/master © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2020


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