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herzlich willkommen in meinem Blog! Welcome to my blog!
Mein Name ist AnU.
In meinem Blog könnt ihr meinen Werde-Gang vom kreativen Freestyle-Nerd zur (hoffentlich) professionellen Audio- und Musikproduzentin verfolgen.
Aktuell studiere ich an der Deutschen Pop, um meiner Kreativität ein technisch-professionelles Fundament "zu verpassen"  ...
My name is AnU.
I am a creative nerd on her stubborn and dedicated path towards professionalization in the limitless wonderland of sounds and words.
For this end (and some others) I am studying professional audio-production and music-design at Deutsche Pop.
Please support my studies, composing and audio-/music creation with your donation/cooperation/sponsorship:
Bitte unterstützen Sie mein Studium, meine Kompositionen und meine Audio-Produktionen durch Ihre Spende, Kooperationen und Sponsoring:
Vielen Dank! Thank you!

Ritual Audio/Video: Runic Warrior ... "live" im Teutoburger Wald ...

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Vocals, Drums, Video © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2017


In times of inner and outer struggle and obstacles upon our path we need to focus (Tiwaz) ourselves and our issues, regather strength (Uruz) before we can deal with and tap into thursic powers to enter battle (Thurisaz). The warrior/ess also needs to know when to protect him-/herself (Algiz), especially during vulnerable times. Eventually victory (Sowilo) is waiting for you ... however ... it might come along in a way you would not have expected it to happen ...
Heillir Woden ... blessed be!
The video was taken at the Externsteine, Teutoburger Wald, an ancient place of power and ritual practice.

Thanks and honor to the Spirits of Place.


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