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herzlich willkommen in meinem Blog! Welcome to my blog!
Mein Name ist AnU.
Die Technik-Prüfung ist bestanden und nun "darf" ich mich um meine Semester-Abschlusskomposition kümmern ... und weiter Musiktheorie lernen.
Außerdem muss ich mich nun auch um die Finanzierung des nächsten Semesters kümmern. Da dieses eine doppelte Studiengebühr (plus Zugtickets nach FFM) bedeutet, weiß ich zur Zeit nicht, wie ich das finanztechnisch hinbekommen soll (trotz Arbeiten rund um die Uhr ... ich habe definitiv den falschen Job, moneywise betrachtet ...).

Bitte unterstütze mein Studium, Schreiben und Komponieren mit deiner Spende/Kooperationen/Sponsoring ... 

My name is AnU.
I have passed intermediate-exams ... now finals and the major final composition are coming up. Therefore I will need all my time and energy to somehow get myself to focus on composing (and studying) "on the grid". Also I am worried about how to manage the next semester as this will mean double academy-fees plus all those nasty train-tickets to Frankfurt. I am already working night and day, but it seems, I definitely have the wrong job, moneywise at least.
Please support my musical professionalization, my writing and composing  with your donation/cooperation/sponsorship:
Vielen Dank! Thank you!

Sounds for film: Leaving behind ... Tribal vocals & Synth ...

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Currently I am working on mixing-strategies ... how to create different levels and spaces within one audio. This is especially crucial for the production of soundtracks to provide additional dimensions on top (or beyond ... as a sub"text" ... ) of what "the screen" is already offering ... Here comes an acoustic glimpse into one of my recent projects for a fiction/fantasy film-project ...:


... Hero's village has been burned down ... nobody survived ... He knows that if he's hesitating and burying his beloved ones, "they" (better said "it") will get him as well, so he has to take the pain and leave without fulfilling what his heart demands, in order to survive and continue his mission ...


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Please note and respect: All vocals, Synth, Composition/Arrangement/Mix © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2019


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