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herzlich willkommen in meinem Blog! Welcome to my blog!

Cause my paralyzes and pains got too threatening and to avoid a paraplegia, I had to undergo an upper spine-surgery on Monday 8th of June. I thought I was on track again ...


But on Friday I took an ordinary walk and my right leg slipped due to dusty dry earth and my legs and the rest of me slipped downhill, several meters. I know from Ninjutsu how to fall, and I don't have any outer injuries inspite of rolling over several times ... However some hours later I realized, paralyzes started to return and incredible pain in legs, arms/hands and ... in the upper spine.

Had a horrifying dream (at least I thought it was "just" a typical drama-queen-dream) of how one of the implanted cages was breaking into my vertebral body and dangling on the other side. Well, it wasn't just a dream but a vision as has shown in hospital.


So I will need another spine-surgery on Friday 3rd of July and a long recovery time with my new "stiff-neck-friend". Seems, that, after all, I had a lot of "luck" ... I was told today, this fall could have easily been my last or have led straight into tetra-/paraplegia.


Anyhow ... wishing I had not chosen to take a walk last Friday.

This is the power of fate and now I know what the "Blasted Oak" in my Greenwood-reading was trying to tell me ... a (too) late insight however ... ;).


In terms of blogging and composing ... please bear with me, light a candle here and there for my smooth recovery, if you feel inclined to do so ... hoping to survive and recover soon, YES!


Also, I do not know how to pay my upcoming bills, as due to Corona and now due to my spine-problems I was/am not able to perform live-music, -poetry and -rituals nor give readings ... but I do have a lot of additional medical bills to deal with. I'd be grateful if you could support my survival with a donation! After my recovery I will be more than ready and happy to continue working for you ... that is providing readings/counselling/lectures and of course blog-entries. This however will require some time and homepage-updating, which won't be possible for me at the moment.

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Thank you!


Photos © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2020: 1. Taken from Greenwood-Tarot by Mark Ryan and Chesca Potter 1996. 2. AnU with stiff-neck-friend 2nd of July 2020


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Soundscape: Homeless on Antares ... Ravens/Whales/Water/Machines/Drums/Bells/Synth/Tribal Vocals ...

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One of my recent soundscapes ... 


It's weird: Like I do most of the times when composing, I had just followed the flow while creating the track. When I had finished it and listened to it "from the outside perspective" however, every sound in this composition provoked its own visions and spacial belongings in me. Still, somehow they belong together, telling their fuzzy story  ...  but I really had some trouble to assign it to one title or scenery only, to lock it into a cage of an one and only, concise meaning, so to say.

I have now chosen a title which seems to catch this feeling of fragmented belongings and fuzzy traces most (from my dystopian space-cowboy/girl view).

Enjoy the trip!


Revised mixdown 2nd of January ....


Like always ... ear-/headphones recommended .... 


⇒ Audio


Please note and respect: Sample-arrangement, bells & rattles, synth, (female) tribal and throat singing, mix, sound-design and audio-engineering © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2020


The awesome raven-samples I have created out of material, provided by Jeo from Denmark, thanks and credits go to him: Ravens, Corvus corax, (50-100 individuals) congregating in a small forest on South Western Funen, Denmark. Date: 20141016 at 6:30 pm, licensed under the Creative Common 0 license. You can find the complete version /  download here.




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