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Like I have told you guys, I had to undergo another upper spine-surgery on Friday 3rd of July after my stupid fall the week before. 

I knew this would be much more challenging than the 1st surgery had been ... . Both implants had to be taken out and be substituted by metal cages, plates and bone-substitutes. My vertebral body had to be restored as well.


I still have problems talking/singing/swallowing/breathing ... will need another check-up on this next week. It definitely sucks!

Meanwhile I work on my new album "Sounds from Somewhere" which I hope to complete before I have to go to Rehab. I am in the process of rearranging and remixing some of the key-based compositions. And there will be some new stuff, of course. Right now I am working on a "Requiem for the Element of Water" with Vocoder/Synths, (real) Kalimba/Sansula and some spoken words in Kiswahili, the latter being another of my favourite languages ... 


It would be great, if you guys could support my compositions and survival with a donation!

More than ever I do not know how to pay my upcoming bills, as due to Corona and my spine-surgeries I was/am not able to perform live-music, -poetry and -rituals nor give readings ... but I do have a lot of additional medical bills to deal with. Therefore I'd be grateful if you could support my album-production and survival! 

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Photo © Ann-Uta Beißwenger, 25th of July 2020


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To the Demon of Time - English/Deutsch Vocals, Drums, Flutes ...

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Could not decide, which language to use, so I have chosen both, English and German ... the song is about trying to fight and deny the power of time, evading evanescence ....

We cannot bribe time. If there is any justice around, it is this one: No one can evade the workings of time.

To many however, time seems like a demonic force, one has to find a potent antidote for (against), that is, time is something one has to battle or somehow align with.

In the latter case people start to worship time and sell their soul to it, get entangled and obsessed with it.

With this ... you are bound to the surface of being ... cannot gaze deeper into the well and therefore won't recognize the Ones weaving and singing beyond time, giving birth and death to all forms of manifestation.


Konnte mich nicht entscheiden, ob ich den Song in Deutsch oder Englisch singen "soll", also hab' ich beide Sprachen in ein Stück hineingearbeitet ... wieder mal ein Experiment ... und ja, meine Diva ist auch dabei plus eine g-Moll-Native-Flute ... 


Zum Song: Wir können die Zeit nicht bestechen. Wenn es überhaupt irgendeine Form von Gerechtigkeit gibt, dann diese: Niemand kann das Wirken der Zeit "umgehen", ihrem Wirken gänzlich ausweichen.

Für viele erscheint "die Zeit" daher als etwas Dämonisches, Bedrohliches, für das es gilt ein wirksames Antidot zu finden oder mit dem man/frau kämpfen oder/und sich arrangieren muss. So verkaufen manche Leute ihre Seele an "die Zeit", verstricken sich mit ihr ... lassen sich von ihr besetzen und "reiten" ... binden sich damit an die Oberfläche "des Seins".

"Krank und gehetzt

Durch's Hier und Jetzt"

Dadurch nimmst du dir die Möglichkeit, tiefer in den Brunnen hinab zu schauen, die Kräfte, die jenseits der Zeit operieren, wahr zu nehmen ... Jene Kräfte, die allen Manifestationen Geburt und Tod schenken ...


This song is livicated to the Nornir: Urdr, Verdandr & Skuldr ... holding in Their timeless hands the wyrd threads of man and things ... weaving times threefold ... 


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Please note and respect: All vocals, Lyrics, Querflöte, Native-Flute in G-Moll, Bodhran, Arrangement © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 2018



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