Hey everyone,
after my excursions into german lyrics and some annoyance among my non-German-speaking sonic friends ... I am happy to present my new single and experiment "Black Sea White Bones". It has just gone live on Apple/Spotify ... . As you might guess from the title, it has english lyrics, yes! 
Above I wrote "experiment". 
On my previous english album "Gender is a Bitch" I had started to work with pitched versions of my vocals to provide space for my male me.
I continued to work on this, meanwhile heavily inspired and encouraged by #Skynd who I really adore for their vocal- and music-production-arts!
Therefore you'll find my own version of a pitched vocal style mixed with my original vocals on this release ... sung and Rap-wise ... embedded into a crunchy-alternative-heavy-metal composition with a lot of Lady Hagström. 
Check it out here ... (mainly "ordinary" vocals in this sound-snap however) ... 
Foto/CD-Cover-Design © Wotan Beißwenger, 16th of July 2021; all rights reserved.

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BLOG-WISE - the new generation

Transgender: Ann-Uta → AnU → Wotan oder die schrittweise Dezimierung von Lebenslügen ...

Nicht nur die HP befindet sich aktuell im Update und Upgrade. Auch ich selbst. Ann-Uta gibt es schon lange nicht mehr. Ein "dead name" wie man in der LGBT-Szene sagt. AnU war eine hilfreiche Übergangslösung, um mich im Nicht-binären zwischen zu parken und alles zum drillionsten Mal für mich zu reflektieren. AnU war die kleinere Lüge, aber halt immer noch Lüge. Zeit zum Aufräumen, den Wanderer von der Leine zu lassen. Zeit für Wotan ... 

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Meine Homepage befindet sich im Upgrade!

Liebe Interessenten,

Liebe Leser und Leserinnen!

Mein Blog befindet sich derzeit, wie die ganze Homepage, in einem größeren Upgrade. - Und das bei "laufender Kamera"... Bitte habt Verständnis, falls jetzt das eine oder andere noch nicht ganz rund läuft! Ich arbeite mit Hochdruck an der Aktualität und Verfügbarkeit meines web-Auftritts.

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Archiv (Blog bis 1. Juli 2021)


It's a f*cking long road to Mestinon ... E-guitar/Organ/Synth/Drums ... some Bass ...

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Mestinon (Pyridostigminbromid) is still one of the "main medical answers" to myasthenia gravis as it increases the concentration of acetylcholine in the synaptic gap to ensure communication between brain and muscle(s). Usually and unfortunately it takes a pretty long time until one is finally diagnosed with myasthenia ... I was lucky it only took about six months, but I was/am unlucky to have the type affecting breathing and swallowing right away. This track is livicated to the genius and glory of mestinon ... Thanks to Mary Broadfood Walker from GB who has discovered the therapeutical effects of physostigmine on myasthenia gravis far back in 1934 and has set the foundation for the symptomatic medication of patients with "MG" ... 


Organ and synths tell about my journey from 3rd of July 2020 till today. My Lady Hagström comments on the medical system with all its rather stupid and (in my case) pretty dangerous, wrong guesses and also tells about those, who have finally shed some light into the darkness and led me on the right track ... YES ... Every minute of the track stands for one month of struggle and eventual dawning of awareness ... including those frightful moments during sleep when I dreamt about dying of suffocation and woke into the reality of neither being able to swallow nor breathe ...  Still quite a long road to walk on ... anyhow happy my left hand/arm is also getting back to life and starts playing and caressing Lady Hagström and piano/synths again ... 


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Please note and respect: Composition, all instruments, arrangement/mix/master © Ann-Uta Beißwenger, 7th of January 2021; all rights reserved.


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