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Great news: "Some Safe Cloud" has gone live!! Yes!! 
The direct links to the streaming-platforms you'll find here. List still takes some time for completion ... 
Ten tracks ... what an intense process! Again learnt a lot.
Every instrument and vocal part you hear has been composed, played/sung, recorded and arranged by myself. Only exception to this are the drum-loops and the "moon-loop". They were taken from Logic and have been arranged and remixed by my ears and hands ;).
Genrewise the tracks range from "world" to "alternative" to "neoclassic" and some "electronic" ... that is ... some challenges for a somehow consistent and harmonious "overall-mastering".
All in all I am at peace with it ... of course, there are always ways to improve and develop further ... luckily so!
Hoping you enjoy my new project ... stream along!
CD-Cover-Design © Ann-Uta Beißwenger, 22nd of April 2021; all rights reserved.

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Neoclassical Experimental: The Return of the Old Ones ... real Cello/Synth ...

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So ... almost ten days with my new cello-fellow ... of course I practice every day ... I am in love, what else can I do?

This is another composition livicated to H.P. Lovecraft: The Old Ones are returning ... do you see dead Cthulhu awakening, crawling out of the waters with his crumpy entourage ....?


Anyhow ... I had written the original version of this piece two days before I picked up my cello from Roland Erichson. Notes and lyrics.

But then ...  the Old Ones creeped in and the composition evolved into another direction. Muses!  .... *argx.

The vocal version with the original arrangement you will find here.


So this one took me "a while" ... composed and played several tracks and parts real cello ... then arranged some synth-parts around the real cello sections ... do you recognize "which is which"  ... *harhar (hope you do)?


⇒ Audio


Please note and respect: Composition, real Cello & Synth, recording/arrangement/mix/master © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 6th of March 2021



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