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Great news: "Some Safe Cloud" has gone live!! Yes!! 
The direct links to the streaming-platforms you'll find here. List still takes some time for completion ... 
Ten tracks ... what an intense process! Again learnt a lot.
Every instrument and vocal part you hear has been composed, played/sung, recorded and arranged by myself. Only exception to this are the drum-loops and the "moon-loop". They were taken from Logic and have been arranged and remixed by my ears and hands ;).
Genrewise the tracks range from "world" to "alternative" to "neoclassic" and some "electronic" ... that is ... some challenges for a somehow consistent and harmonious "overall-mastering".
All in all I am at peace with it ... of course, there are always ways to improve and develop further ... luckily so!
Hoping you enjoy my new project ... stream along!
CD-Cover-Design © Ann-Uta Beißwenger, 22nd of April 2021; all rights reserved.

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Shamanic Experimental: Home (Lost 3) ... Kalimba/Vocals/Shamanic Drumming ...

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Kalimba-Vocal-Impro combined with a Vocal Trance accompanied by shamanic drumming. It's another composition having emanated out of the "Lost-sphere" .... 


Kalimba and Shaman Drum have been recorded simultaneously with my Leadvocals ... that is on one track ... for more intimate dynamics and power (but reduced sound-quality).


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Please note and respect: Composition/Lyrics/Vocals/Shamanic Drumming/Kalimba/Arrangement/Mix/Master © Ann-Uta Beißwenger 25th of October 2020 


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